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Fiera di Genova/UCINA
Fiera di Genova/UCINA logo Genova, Italy
Contact Details & Web Site

Crew Italy - Worldwide Recruitment Genoa, Italy
CM-Yachts Genova, Italy
Maritime surveyor & consultants Latisana, Italy
MICS Ltd Sicily, Italy
Vallicelli & Co Yacht Designers Roma, Italy
Alberto Albert Genova, Italy
GS Design. Yacht Design & Industrial Design Milano, Italy
Pantecna sas Milan, Italy
GLOSS design PESCARA - PE, Italy
Navaldesign&Consulting srl Naples , Italy
QYacht Genoa, Italy
Studio Legale Petragnani Ciancarelli Roma, Italy
Blutour SRL Di Navigazione Catania, Italy
Bugliani & Mauri Yacht Design snc Terma, Italy
Carrarafiere Tuscany, Italy
Editalia srl Napoli, Italy
Fiera di Genova - UCINA Unione Nazionale Cantieri Genoa, Italy
Istituto Idrografico Della Marina Genova, Italy
LOSTYLE group ITALY Perugia, Italy
Nautiscan srl Genoa, Italy
Sailing Days - Italy Como, Italy
Venice Expo Venice, Italy
Yachts Management Rome , Italy




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