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Onboard Entertainment Review
Review Date: Aug 2008 Source: Yachting World
Review of Raymarine 37STV Onboard Entertainment by Yachting World Aug 2008
Raymarine 37STV

Raymarine 37STV is a compact satellite TV dome that can be mounted on yachts as small as 24ft. Though quite why anyone with a sub-30-footer would want to watch America's Next Top Model afloat is a question only Raymarine know the answer to.

Easy to install, with the template, cables and mounting hardware provided, the dome can link to two different set tops and is compatible with Raymarine's E and G series displays, which could make a useful one-screen-for-all-needs solution.

Their Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology continuously measures pitch and roll, claiming to combat the associated signal loss from bad weather. A rotating sub-reflector redirects the strongest satellite signal, detected by conical scanning, to minimise the need for the dish to move constantly.


Verdict: If you want satellite TV on your 30 foot boat then this compact new dome is just the job.
Overall Rating: * * *  
Guide Price: 3,995  

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