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Outboard Engines Review
Review Date: Jan 2009 Source: Practical Boat Owner
Review of Flover Electric outboards Outboard Engines by Practical Boat Owner Jan 2009
Flover Electric outboards

The Flover range includes models with thrust ranges from 15kg (33lb) to 25kg (55lb). The smaller engines are mainly for freshwater use, but the bigger 45lb (20kg) and 55lb (25kg) models are suitable for use at sea and likely to be of more interest to most yachtsmen.

Electric outboards are much lighter than petrol engines the smallest weighs just 6.6kg but then there are heavy batteries to think about. Electric outboards are environmentally friendly, though, maintenance free and very quiet to run. Fuel, or energy, costs are much lower too. In practical terms with a 100Ah battery you could motor at maximum speed for over 21&82602 hours with the 45lb model, or for considerably longer at half speed.


Verdict: A low-cost and light-weight take on the traditional outboard - just don't forget to take the batteries into consideration.
Overall Rating: * * * * *  
Guide Price: 99  

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