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Outboard Engines Review
Review Date: Oct 2005 Source: Motor Boat & Yachting
Review of Honda BF5 Outboard Engines by Motor Boat & Yachting Oct 2005
Honda BF5

The Honda BF5 started first time but then stopped we tried again with the same result. The engine was choking up and being starved of oxygen before it had time to warm up. This is normal: most of the engines did the same thing.

But the main difference between the Honda and its competitors was the throttle safety control, which inhibits use of the throttle until the engine engages gear. There is a safety element in there somewhere but it stops you from immediately closing the choke and giving the throttle a few blips to keep her running while warming up. Instead, we had to engage gear, shut off the choke quickly and only then apply the throttle, which forced us under way to keep the engine running.

That apart, the BF5 was a pleasure to use, and Honda's warranty package is excellent. This robustly built engine weighed 60.5lb (27.5kg), so was really too heavy for the 9ft (2.7m) inflatable, resulting in the dinghy riding bows-up with one person aboard at a top speed of 5.9 knots. With two the dinghy was better balanced and achieved. 6.1 knots.

Verdict: The BF5 is excellent in most respects although it is heavy and tricky to start. Honda's five-year warranty package is certainly worth having.
Overall Rating: * * * *  
Guide Price: 760  

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