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Outboard Engines Review
Review Date: Oct 2005 Source: Motor Boat & Yachting
Review of Yamaha 5C Outboard Engines by Motor Boat & Yachting Oct 2005
Yamaha 5C

Yamaha 5hp outboards come in the two-stroke guise of the 5C only, but there are several 4hp and 6hp four-stroke alternatives (one of these is the 4hp F4A tested on p98). The Yamaha 5C proved to be one of the fastest engines tested - 6.2 knots with one person aboard and 6.1 knots with two. Both Yamahas were also extremely quiet - surprisingly, the two-stroke 5C was the least noisy of all our ten engines.
The refinement and impressive turning capability through nearly 180?' make this a very user-friendly engine with impeccable handling. Throttle control is also very smooth, while the choice of integral or remote fuel tank would also make life easier for many owners. At only 46lb (21kg) it was one of the lighter models on test and so proved fairly easy to fit onto the transom of our dinghy. We rank Yamaha as one of the best outboard engine builders and the high build quality is clearly seen within this unit. You get a standard two years' warranty but at 769 it is pricey for a two-stroke even if we reckon it still represents fair value for money.

Verdict: This easy-to-handle engine is powerful, smooth, exceptionally quiet and light. The only downside is the price and the need to mix your own fuel.
Overall Rating: * * * *  
Guide Price: 769  

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